Will Your Business Plans Integrate Online and Offline Marketing Tactics?

Are you integrating your online and offline campaigns? If you’re dealing with online and offline marketing communications tactics, you should be looking to integrate your programs as much as possible.

Are your offline initiatives driving and pushing online traffic? Are your online activities driving offline results? When we develop campaigns, we look for ways that integrate online and offline activities to complete the marketing circle for our clients. This strategy allows for measurement on multiple levels and ensures that your messages are being heard and are resonating with your target markets.

What are your online and offline initiatives doing for consumer engagement?

Engage the customer. Social media is one of the easiest and most cost efficient means to engage your customers and prospective customers in a one-on-one dialogue. — Remember, this medium is an excellent way for you to work to generate conversations and discussions with customers and prospective customers. If you are using a pre-existing social media platform such as Facebook or MySpace, be sure to review their Terms of Service prior to engaging in conversations. Also remember, one of the biggest mistakes we see companies and brands make is to talk at the consumer (ie., if you’re going to blast out special offers and what’s on sale for the week, you’re in violation of most terms of service). This medium is good for getting people to talk about your product or service, not for you to blast advertisements.
An example is a beverage company client of ours:

We use social media to get consumers talking about our client’s products. What’s their favorite holiday memory? Favorite holiday recipe that uses our client’s products? What flavor do you wish they had? What’s your favorite flavor? Where can you find our street teams and brand ambassadors? Tours of the plant (using video). Frequently asked questions. Fun facts, etc.